CLE, day 2, session 5

Emily Allbon and Morris Pamplin, from City Law School now, on ‘Lagton Legal: Creating a transmedia story world for the LLB Legal Practice’.  This LLB is a fully-online supported distance learning programme, developed with CILEx for legal executives and others.  The students are returners to education, working while studying, with family and other commitments.  How to engage them and keep them enthused?

Emily’s prior projects involved building communities in Lawbore and LearnMore.  She now is working on Transmedia, with a screen writer – a new media-rich project.  Emily pointed out the links to SIMPLE and Ardcalloch (thanks for the name-check!), and other literature.  Morris described CityScape, and the fictional town of Millcaster, used on the undergraduate Business & Management programmes.  They demonstrated Lagton Legal and asked us to think about the genre used, legal issues involved and the effect of the medium and genre, issuing popcorn for the experience…  Nice touch.

Why transmedia and not multimedia?  Because the narratives are carried across media.  Emily gave us a sense of the problems in developing the resources, but nevertheless it seemed like a remarkable project, and one with a huge future.  I blogged about a prior presentation on the topic at BILETA.

Finally, Nigel Hudson on PropertyMon Go!: Gotta catch them all!!’  Students, he said, find land law (his subject) archaic, boring and irrelevant.  Solutions?  He argued for emphasising the tactile nature of real property, illustrating that it’s importance to society and commerce, and making it relevant to applying the law to real situations relevant to students.  PropertyMon Go is an augmented reality app, as Pokemon Go.  Users use the app to ‘discover’ Auras.  Gamification was a key element – gold badge for the 18 propertymon without the map, silver for getting the propertymon with the map, bronze for getting them once details are released.  Nigel used digital badges by using Credly, a free app.

Nigel then showed us how to create augmented reality using the Aurasma app on the App Store.  Dead easy.  Great app.  He finished with do’s and don’ts. Further suggested uses included interactive document (eg voice annotated contracts), interactive court room (eg guided court tour) interactive case studies (eg site inspections, forensic crime scene investigations).

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