Emily Allbon and Morris Pamplon: Lagton Legal – creating a transmedia storyworld for the LLB Legal Practice (PH)

Emily is a senior lecturer and director of Mooting at City Law School, having previously been an award-winning law librarian. She was named an HEA National Teaching Fellow in 2013.

Morris is a senior educational technologist at City University of London. He is a fellow of the HEA and a member of the Association for Learning Technology.

They’re here to tell us about the Lagton Legal Project, devised for the LLB Legal Practice, a new course at City Law School. It is a fully online supported distance learning course, running for 4 years and delivered in partnership with CILEx. It is aimed at legal professionals ad apprentices, with the first cohort just now finishing their first year.

Students on the course may be returners to education, working while they study and often having family and personal commitments. On a distance learning course, it can be difficult to establish a connection to the university campus or their cohort of fellow students. Morris asks us to consider how you engage these students and keep them enthused.

They have established the gorgeous Law Bore blog, encouraging students to contribute, as part of the City Hub for future lawyers.

They are also working on Transmedia, a new media-rich legal storyworld, in collaboration with Ness Lyons. It has videos, audio, images, webpages etc, creating a cross-platform that allows story elements to emerge naturally. It blends stories, characters and narrative, layered with play, to provide an emotionally and intellectually engaging environment in which students can become fully immersed. Students are encouraged to draw links between not only the differing perspectives of the characters, but also between their learning on different modules on the programme. As Emily and Morris acknowledge, this is a time consuming project that requires a lot of investment, though once the bare bones are in place, it can be enhanced and expanded over time.

A shout out to our own dear Paul Maharg as the inspiration (via Ardcalloch and SIMPLE) for the simulated environments being used at City. As Emily says, it is such as a great concept.

So many people have referenced Paul in some way this weekend that I’m going to give him his own Tag (done).

Morris talks us through the Millcaster simulation which requires them to respond to realistic problems in the business world and interact with business personal (MDs etc).

We’re now going to watch a video about Lagton Legal and Emily is doling out bags of popcorn in readiness. This is not just any popcorn, either, this is M&S popcorn. Well, that’s secured my vote for the Official Conference Prize. Wow! This could give Eastenders a run for its money. Two minutes in and we’ve already had pub punch up (with possible corpse), a drunk yummy mummy and a radio phone in covering underage sex. I’m gripped (and slightly appalled).

That was a fabulous presentation and definitely one to follow up.

Update: here are the slides – EAllbon_MPamplin

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